Starts in: on 9 November
*Registration closes 30 September


My Aquathon adventure started out small in 2009 - just one small private pool full of aqua enthusiasts slicing through the water for three hours. In 2012 I was asked to start aqua in a new venue. As you can all imagine, I struggled to encourage clients even though it was a lovely heated pool. In November 2012 I asked the Gym management if I could organise and host a 3-hour aquathon for a charity they agreed and so, on the 10 November 2012, I hosted the first successful Aquathon with 75 participants.
In 2013, boosted by the success of my first Aquathon, I decided to reach out globally as I felt this could help other instructors around the world to encourage more clients into their venues. We had 42 countries take part in the first year - 9th November 2013 - and this has grown each year to over 80 countries and 280 venues worldwide. Now, in November each year, we unite these countries and encourage the venues to reach as many enthusiasts around the world as possible to participate – from porta pools, to massive public pools and even in the sea. We all swing into action for 3 hours of non-stop, music-fuelled, aqua exercises showcasing our venues.

People can participate for 1 or 2 hours, or complete all 3 hours to receive a certificate.

Here is what the Worldwide Aquathon can do for your venue:

  • 1. It's hosted on the same day around the world.
  • 2. It's a wonderful opportunity to showcase all the water fitness formats that your venues offer.
  • 3. It's a chance to attract current members who might not otherwise try the pool and NEW members who don't know how much your venue has to offer.
  • 4. Depending on how much advertising and PR you do, it's a FABULOUS opportunity to promote your venue - well worth the time of utilising local and regional news outlets, including TV, radio, podcast, social media, etc.
  • 5. It inspires and gets the water fitness team pumped!
  • 6. It can be used to raise money for new equipment, additional teachers, or a local charity. What equipment does your venue need? This event could pay for it.
  • 7. IT'S FUN!!!!

STEP 1: To Register please supply:

  • Name of person hosting
  • Name of Country
  • Name of Town
  • Name of Venue
  • * First time hosting must include a picture of the venue for the welcoming post.

STEP 2: Instructions for hosting

  • 1) Do it solo or team up with aqua instructors to host
  • 2) Raise funds/ collect items for your chosen charity.
  • 3) Get local businesses to sponsor prizes, refreshments, etc.
  • 4) Advertise your event through your local newspaper/radio station/ TV channel/
  • Facebook/groups/pages, instagram or in your classes, etc.
  • 5) Open your Venue to non-members
  • 6) Tell aqua members to invite friends and family
  • 7) Make a poster to advertise your event with our logo which you can find on the download page.
  • 8) Email your poster to [email protected] to be added to this Web Page
  • 9) Put “#Worldwideaquathonday” on all your Facebook posts.

STEP 3: Instructions on the Day of the Event

  • 1) Take photos/videos during your event with participants holding your county’s flag for our official Worldwide Aquathon Day video
  • 2)Post photos/Videos and
  • 3) Give a certificate to all participant who complete the full 3 hours (The certificate that you use will be posted in the event closer to the time.)

STEP 4: After the event

  • Post the total number of participants that came to your event.
  • Post the photos/videos of participants holding the country flag
  • You are welcome to contact me for more information.

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